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Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung! The fruit trees are in bloom, and, yes, the grass needs mowing. And Warriors for Christ is on the move.044
Let me first tell you of Brother “Brown. ” He is a fisherman from the Port Gamble S’Klallam Nation, and is a member of our Warriors for Christ Discipleship training class.
Brown’s Story:
The enthusiasm and dedication of our discipleship class has been amazing. Let us tell you about Brown Fulton as an example. Brown has been attending discipleship class faithfully. Not only is he committed to coming, he encourages others to come and learn about who they are in Christ and the path God has for them.

Recently, he came into class, his face beaming. His clan was having there Easter dinner at the tribal hall and he was asked to give the blessing.What an honor his people had given him. Through our discipleship class, he was equipped to take this leadership role.

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Warriors for Christ’s discipleship course, Walking the New Path is changing lives. We can see how the power of God’s Word is changing lives. It has been exciting to see the effectiveness of Walking the New Path at S’Klallam Worship Center, but other nations churches also need discipleship training. To be able to reach out with Walking the New Path discipleship this spring and summer, we needed better transportation, a newer car. After two months of research and looking, we had narrowed it down to two models. When we were at a Honda dealership checking to see what they had, an 2007 Acura RDX came rolling out of the detail shop. After the Lord intervened during negotiations, we got a price we could afford, and we drove it home. It is More than we were looking for-it is not a good car –it is a Great car! God is so good!
We now need your help to pay for the down payment of $1,000. This was needed to keep our payments down to $200 per month. Will you bless Warriors for Christ and bring Native Discipleship to the Nations by helping us with a onetime gift to pay for the down payment and/or a monthly pledge. We also need your help as we reach out to Native churches to pay for the expenses of: gas, food, lodging, and Warriors for Christ discipleship course for the churches.

New House030
Meanwhile, back at the WFC Headquarters-(now named “Warriors Path”) we have some summer maintenance to be done. Our buildings need an overdue paint job. Cost to paint the discipleship center and the living quarters are $200. each. We need both funds and manpower to complete these projects. We also need a lawnmower as both of our mowers have died, approximate price is $200.

Please partner with us. Any gift you can make will really be appreciated!
We need your help to bring discipleship to Native churches.
1. PLEASE make a monthly pledge, or a one – time gift by sending us a message -of support with your mailing address and we can send you a returned envelope for your donation.  Just go to the “contact” page.
OR —
2. At the top of the page click on “You can Help” then, click on the “DONATE” button at the bottom of the page and use our secure site to make your pledge or one time tax-exempt gift.

In His service,
Gordon E. Shadburne
Executive Director

P.S. With your help, we purchased a camcorder and are producing videos to put on the WFC YouTube channel. Also, your gifts provided interior paint, and additional discipleship materials. THANK YOU!

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