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This is a special end of the year report and update from Warriors for Christ.

As 2016 comes to an end, we see a world full of pain and turmoil, but as Christians, we know that the hope for this World is in our Messiah, Jesus Christ. It was exciting to see how God wodakota_access_pipeline_rtr_imgrked through Warriors for Christ in the past year, and we look forward to expanding our Native Discipleship in 2017. We invite you to join with Warriors for Christ as we reach out with Father Creator’s Word.

“ Drumming, sacred blessings and cries of joy have echoed from the assembled throng of Sioux Indians, environmentalists, civil rights and water-worried protesters after the weekend announcement that U.S. Army Corps of Engineers struck down plans for the controversial Dakota Access pipeline.”




That was a victory that many were fighting for, but is there another victory waiting to happen?  Will people now leave the reservation, and all the media go home to their cities? Will the People again be forgotten? Will they be left in their loneliness, depression isolation and with their broken families?-915f3607993c9584

Is there an answer to the desperation? YES- yes there is an answer; a victory for this Reservation and All the other Reservations and Reserves  in the U.S. and  Canada and the First Nations people in our urban cities too.  The answer is  Jesus Christ and the Life Changing power He offers all peoples.

Warriors for Christ knows that the most effective way to reach this hurting population is through Native Christian Leadership bringing a message of hope through the truth of God’s Word. The Action Plan of Warriors for Christ is to disciple Native leadership to do just that. We are asking YOU to join with us in reaching out with the ONLY effective answer- Jesus Christ.


Warriors for Christ Ministry blessings in 2016

 disciplslhp SWC (2)

Warriors for Christ Discipleship

  • Discipleship class – We have had the joy of seeing spiritual growth from those attending S’Klallam Worship Center discipleship class.  It is encouraging to see Christ working in their lives, with increased power and victory. They are also taking increased responsibility in the local church.
  • Walking the New Path discipleship course – We are updating the discipleship course through adding new illustrations and graphics.
  • Convocation of Native Leaders – We attended Convocation of Native Leaders talking with several Pastors and presenting Walking the New Path to them.
  • Presentations – Went to several regional meetings of Native Pastors and made presentations of Walking the New Path.


Warriors for Christ Online

  • Warriors for Christ Facebook – Our Warriors for Christ Page on Facebook has over 4,077 fans – and is adding new Native American “Fans” in America and Canada and other nations almost every day.  We are interacting Facebook with the WFC Website and YouTube.  We are now posting our Light for the Path, and Walking the New Path on Facebook along with the full written text for each lesson as they are produced.
  • Warriors for Christ – Prayer requests posted on Prayer board, learned Word Press with the help of volunteer staff, posted newsletter and updates on Warriors for Christ.
  • Warriors for Christ Online -YouTube channel – We are videotaping for our NEW  YouTube” Warriors for Christ Online” channel that includes: Light for the Path, and Walking the New Path

Looking forward to 2017

Warriors for Christ DiscipleshipDSC_0031

  • Regional Directors –We will be recruiting WFC Regional Directors to work with Native churches in new locations as the ministry grows. We will be training them at our WFC Discipleship Center.
  • Discipleship Training – Increase our discipleship training in Native churches in the U.S. and Canada, and at our Discipleship Center in Port Townsend, WA.
  • Distribution –Send out Warriors for Christ’s Walking the New Path discipleship course to Native pastors. Greater distribution of Walking the New Path discipleship course by attending Native Conferences and also discipleship opportunities among the Nations.
  • Prison Ministry – Expand the Prison Ministry by recruiting more volunteers, who would correspond with prisoners.





Warriors for Christ OnlineDSC_0003

  • WFC YouTube channel – Expand Warriors for Christ Online ministry by continuing to put Walking the New Path discipleship course on the WFC YouTube channel. We have a goal to produce a new video every two weeks. Each lesson contains two to three videos. This is strategic, so that these resources will be available to Native Americans throughout North America.



These videos can by used  for :

  1. Individual discipleship instruction
  2. One on one
  3. small group
  4. church-wide discipleship training
  • Warriors for Christ website – With volunteer help we are energizing the WFC website by adding our discipleship course, Walking the New Path, and our topical commentary Light for the Path, with photos, and testimonials. Please come by and check it out. Expand the online ministry by recruiting more volunteers to help with prayer requests, support those who are being discipled through the internet ministry.
  • Warriors for Christ Facebook – We will be continuing to post videos and the test of each lesson. We also will continue to post prayer requests.
  • Prayer Circle – Expand the Warriors for Christ Online staff and Prayer Circle.


 ” Warrior’s Path” – WFC headquarters dsc_0125

  • Expand our headquarters by finishing the Discipleship Center. This project needs to be completed so we can turn our headquarters into a training campus, to provide a place for Native leadership to be equipped to use Walking the New Path.  We also need this completed so we can train Warriors for Christ’s Regional Directors at the headquarters.




Through your partnership, Warriors for Christ can disciple Native Christian leaders enabling them to reach their own clans, tribes, and Nations for Christ. As you consider your end of the year giving, through your tax exempt gifts, we invite you to join with Warriors for Christ. With your support, we will move forward and expand ministries in 2017. As you invest your financial support, you become a vital part of Warriors for Christ’s ministry.

If 100 of you would pledge $5. a month, one latte, we would reach our goal to increase our support by $500. per month. Or if  50 of you pledge  $10. per month, we will be able to increase our discipleship training. This will allow us to be able to travel to more Native churches for discipleship training.  In addition, we would be able to increase further printing and distribution of Walking the New Path to Native churches, Native colleges, and other Native ministries,  increasing discipleship training in the U.S. and Canada. Any amount given will be used effectively by Warriors for Christ.

Some of you would prefer to give a gift towards a specific need. Below is a list of areas your can help with:

  • Scholarship fund – A gift of $250. will help Native leadership stay for a week long discipleship training at “Warriors Path”
  • Part time salary for website, technical, and illustration support – A pledge of $200. per month will give us staff support for Warriors for Christ Online ministries
  • DSLR Camera to be replace the camera that was stolen. To be used in the production of YouTube videos of Walking the New Path– $300.
  • Chart room – polyurethane for floor – $55. With this we will be ready to move in

PLEASE make a monthly pledge- At the top of the page click on “You can Help” – then, click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the page and use our secure site to make your pledge via PayPal.  OR you can use the contact page to send us your name and address and we will mail you a stamped envelope for your special gift.    Thank you for partnering with us in the coming year!

In appreciation for a monthly pledge, Warriors for Christ would like to gift you the first lesson of Warriors for Christ’s Walking the New Path on DVD.  This DVD is good for individual instruction, family devotions, or a gift to a friend or your church.

            We thank you for your partnership and continued support. May your Christmas season be wrapped in Christ’s love.


In His service,

Gordon E. Shadburne




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