About Us

Board of Directors

  • Gordon Shadburne – President / Executive Director
  • Pastor Frank East – Vice President (Cherokee/Apache)
  • Sandy Seubert – Secretary/Treasurer (Omaha/Lakota/Creek)

Executive Assistant

  • Jan Shadburne

Regional Directors

  • Don and Sandy Seubert – Plains Region (Choctaw/Omaha-Lakota-Creek)

Cyber Communications

  • Daniel S. McClintock – Cyber Editor / Webmaster



Warriors for Christ’s vision is to assist the local Native church, both on reservations and in urban areas / discipling Native Christians who then, can effectively train others in God’s Word.
• To encourage and strengthen spiritual growth of Native Americans through evangelism and discipleship training.
• To strengthen and plant Native churches on Indian reservations and urban areas throughout North America; and encouragement in God’s Word.

Warriors for Christ Online:

Warriors for Christ – WEBSITE
The purpose of this online ministry is to provide a prayer board, the Good News/ the Gospel of Jesus Christ, discipleship training through WFC’s “Walking the New Path, “networking with other Native ministries, and practical Native Resources. Please come by for a visit at www.wfconline.org

Warriors for Christ – FACEBOOK PAGE
We are very excited to tell you that Warriors for Christ has just added a NEW WFC Facebook” page” to the “wide world” of the internet. Please come by and check it out – https://www.facebook.com/wfconline

See comments and posts of fellow Native Christians, add your input, and see the WFC photo albums as we add new pictures, WFC Events, and important Native/Christian Links. So come by, become a “fan”, and write on our “wall”. Then, please tell others of WFC’s new Facebook page.

Prayer Circle:
Receiving your prayer requests through Facebook, WFC’s website, and phone calls- with over 90 prayer warriors.

Cyber Signals:
newsletter, answering questions about culture and Christianity.

Light For the Path:
For encouragement and instruction through His Word. Posted on Facebook and emailed out.
We have 8 great Warriors for Christ Online staff helping with WFC’s internet ministry. The staff responds to our new “friends” on Facebook with a “message” or email, inviting them to be involved with Warriors for Christ and contacting those who have sent prayer requests to the prayer circle with a personal prayer and encouragement in God’s Word. They can also send out lessons from “Walking the New Path” the WFC discipleship course, and help answer your questions, and offer encouragement through His Word.

Warriors for Christ Discipleship:

Providing Native American discipleship is one of the most needed ministries today. The vision of Warriors for Christ is to provide culturally sensitive, effective discipleship materials and training for Native Americans using Walking the New Path, other materials and workshops.
The person being Discipled is trained so they will be able to disciple others. Walking the New Path covers 13 major topics that are basic to Christian maturity.

Walking the New Path includes the following topics:
1. Finding the Right Path
2. Who is Father Creator?
3. Jesus Christ – Son of Father Creator
4. The Holy Spirit who gives us Wisdom, Comfort, and Power
5. Keeping on His Path
6. The Creator’s Word – The Bible
7. Talking with your Father Creator – Prayer
8. The Church – The Gathering of His people
9. Being a Victorious Warrior
10. Empowered by His Spirit
11. Walking in the Fruits of the Spirit
12. Serving with Your Gifts
13. Serving through Discipleship – Helping to guide others on His Path

The course will use the method of multiplication, be transferable, and is to be used one on one, but also can be used in a small group setting. Discipleship training is not just to be taught intellectually, but to mentor Christ-like lifestyle.
Warriors for Christ is providing discipleship training for Native Americans at our headquarters. In addition, Regional Directors will take discipleship training out to the Native churches throughout North America (including Canada). As Paul in the Book of Acts went out to local churches, Warriors for Christ believes the most effective method of discipling is to take Biblical training to the Native church, so they can reach their own Nations for Christ.

Please contact Warriors for Christ so we can answer your questions and schedule a time for discipleship training with your church. Discipleship training is also available at our headquarters, located on the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State.
7026 Hwy 20., PORT TOWNSEND, WA., 98368
PHONE -360/379-4668 Email – warrior@wfconline.org
WFC WEBSITE www.wfconline.org