The Need


Less than 2% of American Indians are Christians after 200 years of evangelism.

The percentage is even lower in our urban areas. In a recent survey of West Coast cities, it was found that ONLY .2% were attending any church.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Indian wars – where even women and children were massacred i.e. Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, resulting in hatred for the White Man.
  • Broken treaties, resulting in lack of trust.
  • Reservations – the worst land given and corrupt Indian agents resulting in despair, hopelessness and anger.
  • Boarding schools for the purpose of taking the “Indian out of the Indian” resulting in broken families and resentment towards the “White Man’s religion” – Christianity.

The Results

  • High alcoholism rate.
  • Highest suicide rate is among reservation youth.
  • High drug abuse rate.
  • Broken families.
  • Missionaries and weekend evangelism teams have had little effect in helping reach the spiritual needs of the Native American.